About Us

Established in 2002, Heritage Towers Museum and Culture Center (Heritage Towers) was inaugurated and open to the public in June of 2005.  The vision for a museum and culture center emerged from “A Slave Ship” exhibition project executed in Charleston West Virginia at the turn century. The museum and the exhibits are vital components of the rich history and culture of black people from West Virginia, providing enriching educational and cultural enlightenment for all visitors to the museum.

The museum and culture center is a success story inspired by the history of slavery in America. Heritage Towers is a spinoff from the critically acclaimed traveling exhibit, “The wreck of the Henrietta Marie” a Slave Ship salvage found off the coast Florida. Buried under the ocean for 300 years, the Henrietta Marie is the embodiment of the triangular trade and Trans-Atlantic slave route. Hosted in Charleston, West Virginia in the year 2000, it was a memorable, daring and stunning record breaking achievement undertaken by a community based organization, All-Aid International, Inc. with collaboration from the West Virginia State Museum and Culture Center.

In existence for over 10 years, Heritage Towers Museum and Culture Center continues to strive to expand its museum programs and offerings to the community at large. Our facility provides an opportunity for a trans-formative experience to the visitors. Most of all, Heritage Towers presents a unique atmosphere and is the premier Black Culture and African Heritage facility in the state of West Virginia.